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Road to Happiness


CVMC: Orley Lindgren
Date of birth: 1939-07-18


TitleRoleYear Approx. Age
Mr Scoutmaster Ace 1953 14
Wild stallion Dan Light as a child 1952 13
Red Planet Mars Stewart Cronyn 1952 13
Under My Skin Joe Butler 1950 11
Sorrowful Jones Boy 1949 10
The Great Lover Bill 1949 10

Orley LindgrenOrley was born 18 July, 1939 in Long Beach, California. In the publicity for Under My Skin 20th Century Fox said Orley had: "an unforgetable face".

Orley Lindgren was a thoughtful kid with handsome Scandinavian features (his parents were Swedish) and a chipped tooth and a passion for football. His grace, soft gentle voice and kindness was a rare blessing in boy actors and he often appeared in the first reel as the 'hero-as-a-boy'. He was often transmuted into Kirk Douglas (Young Man with a Horn (1950)), Richard Greene (Lorna Doone (1951)), Charleston Heston (The Savage (1952)) and Ben Johnson (Wild Stallion (1952)).

Because he was "outdoor boy" and good with horses he fitted naturally into western settings. See Saddle Tramp (1950) with Joel McCrea & Wild Stallion (1952).

Orley LindgrenOrley only played the lead in two films Under My Skin (1950) with John Garfield and with Guy Madison and Andy Devine in Behind Southern Lines (1952) - A feature edited from the first two episodes of Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (1951). You'll also find him as a scout in two films, The Great Lover with Bob Hope (1949), and a member of the Scout Troop in Mr. Scoutmaster (1953) as Ace, with Clifton Webb.

After 1953 Orley became a leggy teenager and did not do any more professional acting after an episode of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1954), but had developed some technical skills and stayed in the business for a few more years. In 1970 he was one of the recording team on Gimmer Shelter. His parents encouraged him to get a degree and Orley took it to heart and obtained a PhD at Berkely and retired as a business consultant at Davis University.

He married Katriona Periwinkle Philippa Pennington Munthe in 1995. Since 1997 - Celebrating 24 years! +1 (626) 789-6479