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L' Enfance nue

A la place du coeur

CVMC: Robbie Kay
Date of birth: 1995-09-13


TitleRoleYear Approx. Age
Ways to Live Forever Sam 2010 15
PINOCCHIO 2008 Pinocchio 2008 13
Fugitive Pieces young Jakob 2008 13
Hannibal Rising Kolnas's Son 2007 12
My Boy Jack Arthur Ralph 2007 12

Robbie Kay is a British actor and best known for his roles in the films Fugitive Pieces (2007) and Pinocchio (2008).

He was born in Lymington, Hampshire England and grew up in Tyneside. Robbie's family moved to the Czech Republic where he saw a note for English-speaking children to be extras in a film on a school noticeboard. Despite a lack of previous acting experience, this led to him getting a speaking part in The Illusionist (2006), but his scenes were eventually cut from the film. After small roles in Hannibal Rising (2007) and My Boy Jack (2007), a Canadian production company asked him to play the part of Young Jakob in Fugitive Pieces which involved a 9 week shooting schedule, three of which on Greek islands. The people who made Fugitive Pieces had auditioned over 150 boys before finding the then 10-year-old Kay who had been living in Prague for two years. He spent a year studying, acting, singing and dancing at one of England's Stagecoach theatre schools.

Robbie's work has been generally well-received by the critics. Alicia Cox of Chatelaine wrote: "Robbie Kay, who plays the young Jakob, gives a remarkable performance with little words and a lot of emotion. When he smiles (which isn't often) you can't help but be affected." Moira Macdonald of the Seattle Times describes Robbie Kay as having "a heartbreaking way of looking utterly lost" and Peter Howell of the Toronto Star, who was critical about the film, wrote "the performances are above reproach, especially Robbie Kay as young Jakob" and "The grandest laurels must be reserved for Robbie Kay ... Relatively new to acting, he invests the role with an intensity of purpose not often seen in an actor of so few years."

Robbie also played the younger version of Ralph Fiennes "Harry" in In Bruges (2008). His scenes did not make it into the movie but can be seen in the deleted scenes section of the DVD.

After playing a young dying boy in (2010) he was cast in his biggest role to date as the Cabin Boy in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) with scenes along side Johnny Depp.

As of January 2009 he is living in England again. He enjoys playing rugby and football. Over Ten Years of Doing Business on The World Wide Web! +1 (626) 789-6479